Town Decides To Rename Itself Reubenville For Free Sandwiches

Remember when that "breastaurant" owner renamed a city "Bikini, Texas"? Well, that's happened again, except this time it's less raunchy.

In the latest media run for Arby's, the chain decided to hold a contest to see if any town or city would rename itself Reubenville in order to win the "Reubenville Challenge" and get 5,000 free Reuben sandwiches from Arby's.

It looks like one town took the bait; according to representatives, the town of Coeymans, N.Y., decided to rename itself "Reubenville" for the month of April, and it's pretty legitimate. Town board member Tom Dolan confirmed to The Daily Meal that yes, they did pass a resolution temporarily naming Coeymans "Reubenville." "Who wouldn't want to name their town after a sandwich with corned beef and sauerkraut?" he said over the phone. The city is now getting 5,000 free Reuben sandwiches, although the closest Arby's is, according to Dolan, still 15 minutes away (and not even in Coeymans' city limits).

Even non-Reubenville residents can get a free Reuben sandwich from Arby's this weekend; is offering a coupon for a buy one get one free deal. The 7,500 Reubenvillians, in the meantime, can rest assured knowing they'll go back to being Coeymans after April.