Rome Raises Hefty Fines For Littering Tourists

Littering is rude at the best of times, but so many tourists have been dropping food and trash around Rome that the city's rat population has been exploding. Now authorities say that if people won't stop littering on their own, they're going to start fining people for leaving trash around the city.

According to The Local,  the residents of Rome have been complaining about an "invasion" of vermin, which have been enjoying plentiful food waste and having so many babies that the rat population of Rome is estimated to be twice the human population.

Rome has been fighting the rat problem for years, and now officials say they're going to be cracking down on those who might unintentionally be feeding the rats. Now anyone caught dropping food waste in Rome will be subject to a fine for littering. Also, officials are targeting their rat-fighting efforts on known "rat hubs" like schools and restaurants. Basically, anywhere there is food, the rats of Rome congregate. Rome hopes that getting rid of the food will help get rid of the rats. That would be good, because Rome is a beautiful city, but dumpsters full of squirming rats kind of ruin the romance.