Someone Paid $10,000 for a Single Glass of This Scotch

A young man paid $10,000 for less than an ounce of ultra-rare Macallan scotch

A well-heeled young man walked into the Devil's Place Whiskey Bar and paid $10,000 for less than an ounce of their prize Macallan whisky. 

The Devil’s Place Whiskey Bar in the luxury Waldhaus Hotel in St. Moritz, Switzerland, boasts of being the world’s largest whiskey bar. The family-run hotel has been operating over one hundred years and its bar has over 2,500 bottles of whiskey, but still they never expected someone to come in and order their most prized bottle, which costs $10,000 per drink. This week, it finally happened.

According to The Local, the Devil’s Place’s most expensive possession is a bottle of Macallan Scotch whisky produced in 1878. The Macallan holds pride of place on the bar’s whiskey menu, but nobody had ever tried to buy it, because it cost $10,000 per .67-ounce pour.

Proprietor Sandro Bernasconi never actually expected to open the ultra-rare bottle. As far as he was concerned, it was an antiquity. It was something prestigious the bar could boast of owning, but nobody would ever actually order it. This week, however, Bernasconi said a young man from China came in and really wanted it. Bernasconi told the customer the 1878 Macallan wasn’t really for sale and would cost $10,000 for less than an ounce if he did open it. They did have 46 other Macallan Scotches, though.

Still, the customer pressed his case.

Finally, Bernasconi called his father, who had run the place for 20 years. Bernasconi’s father said to go for it.

Bernasconi says he was terrified as he opened the antique bottle. He was sure the cork would disintegrate, or the whisky would no longer be good.

Everything was fine, though. The bottle opened safely, and the customer greatly enjoyed his .67 ounce serving of Scotch whisky, for which he paid $10,000.

Now that the bottle is open, the bar is hoping to sell the rest. It could be a hard sell, considering the bottle was in the hotel for more than 20 years without anyone trying to buy some. But now that it’s open, they might lower the price a bit. Anybody looking for a very good deal on some very old Scotch might want to consider a quick trip to Moritz in the near future.


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