Tour Guide Stabs Own Clients Over Seating at Dinner

A tour guide stabbed two tourists he said were sitting in his seat
Keekorok Lodge

Wikimedia/Wajahat Mahmood

A tour guide leading guests around the Maasai Mara game reserve in Kenya stabbed two of his own clients over seating arrangements at dinner.

A luxury safari in Kenya was the site of a brutal murder this week when a tour guide attacked two of his own tourists with a knife for sitting in his spot in the restaurant dining room.

According to Reuters, the tour guide had taken his guests to the Keekorok Lodge in the Maasai Mara large game reserve in Kenya. According to Shanghaiist, he’d been leading tours of that area for more than 10 years.

On Monday night, the guide went to the dining room and found two of his tourists sitting with their two children, ages 9 and 12, at what he thought of as his regular table. He was furious that they were at his table and told them they’d have to move. When the couple refused, there was a brief, heated exchange, and then the tour guide reportedly pulled out a knife and stabbed both the man and the woman, in front of their two children and about 100 other tourists dining in the Keekorok Lodge dining room that night.

The woman died of her injuries, but her husband was flown to Nairobi for treatment. The tour guide was held down by hotel staff until he was arrested by police.

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