Paris Restaurant Sells Duck Press for $45,000

A Tour d'Argent fan paid ten times the estimated value for one of the restaurant's duck presses
Pressed duck

Wikimedia/Edsel Little

An antique silver-plated duck press used to make pressed duck at La Tour d'Argent sold at auction for $45,000.

France’s renowned restaurant La Tour d’Argent is said to have served well over a million dishes of its signature “pressed duck” dish in the last 130 years, and now it looks like one fan might actually be able to make the real thing at home, because a collector just bought one of the restaurant’s presses for $45,000.

Pressed duck is a dish of duck meat served in a sauce that is created by squashing the cooked duck carcass in a special press so the blood and bone marrow pour out.

According to The Local, La Tour d’Argent is holding an auction on Monday and Tuesday of this week to raise funds to update and renovate the historic restaurant, which is said to have been a restaurant since the 16th century. Among the items on Monday’s auction list was an antique silver-plated 19th century duck press from Christofle. It was initially expected to bring in about $4,500, but in the end some deep-pocketed collector decided it was worth ten times that amount.

La Tour d’Argent probably will not be giving up its signature dish, though. The restaurant reportedly still has three of the presses around for all its duck-squeezing needs.