Toronto Distillery Company Opens

Would you believe there's not been a distillery opening in Toronto since Prohibition? While breweries have popped up all over town, there's yet to be a distillery since Prohibition — until now. 

The BlogTO reports that the Toronto Distillery Company is going after a burgeoning drink market that's surprising to the Canadians: unaged whiskey. While there will still be a Canadian whiskey from the new distilery, the men behind the company, Charles Benoit and Jess Razaqpur, also plan on selling the unaged version of their whiskey. (For a whiskey to be labeled as Canadian whiskey, it has to be aged for three years in oak barrels). "We actually really like new make," said Benoit to BlogTO, what they call their unaged whiskey. "A lot of people are like, 'well, you have to sell new make for three years before you can sell whisky' but we both really like it. In the States where there's a market for it we buy it all the time and it's a growing market."

Of course, if you're craving some Toronto-made whiskey now, you'll have to be patient: the distillery is just opening its doors in the Junction.