Top Wine Aerators

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If you have a bottle of wine that you truly love, it's important to bring out its full flavor and aroma. For example, you wouldn't serve it too cold or too warm. Another method of getting the best experience out of your favorite bottle is to use a wine aerator. Wine aerators expose wine to more air, thereby potentially maximizing the aromas and flavors. Here are four wine aerators to check out:

Metrokane Rabbit Wine Aerating Pourer
This is an aerating pourer that fits into the bottle, aerating the wine as it is poured and removing the need to let the wine breathe. Available here.

Trudeau Aroma Aerating Pourer with Stand
The wine is aerated both inside the bottle and while it is poured, bringing out that much more aroma and flavor. Available here.

Using a spinning magnetic bar to create a vortex, the wine is exposed to air for a sustained period of time for maximum aeration. Available here.

Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator
Considered one of the best on the market, the Vinturi aerates wine instantly upon pouring and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Available here.

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