Top Wedding Gifts For Food Lovers Slideshow

Food Processor

Although it may not be the sexiest kitchen item, this essential is worth its weight in gold, especially for those just learning to cook. This nifty gadget will expand the variety of meals the couple can make, without increasing the amount of time needed to prep the ingredients. Food processors can chop, slice, pure, shred, and mix. Think of this as the gift that literally keeps on giving.

Seasonal CSA Share

Is your eco-conscious best friend tying the knot? Gift a seasonal CSA (community-supported agriculture) share, which will allow the newlyweds to eat fresh, organic produce from local farmers on a weekly basis. The new couple will love how thoughtful and delicious it is, and you can be proud of giving back to your community. A total win-win.

Butcher Block

Functional without being boring, this gift will excite avid cooks and serve as a beautiful addition to the kitchen. Did the couple meet on spring break in Mexico? Earn extra points by gifting an item from a place significant to the pair to make your present both useful and sentimental.

Collections and Baskets

A must for every kitchen scientist. Stand out from the crowd by giving a spice collection or basket of gourmet ingredients (think: black truffle and saffron) that will transform the simplest of meals. Need a group gift? Grab friends and go in on the "Essential Pantry" set from Dean & Deluca, which is priced at $500.

Pizza Stone

Ideal for pizza fanatics, this fun and simple tool is one most wouldnt think to buy for themselves. Your friends will adore inventing gourmet pies at home, and think of you each time they do. If they love it enough, they may just call you up for a Friday night pizza party.

Private Dinner for Two

Prepared to spend a fortune? Hire a chef to create a special meal for the lovebirds. It will cost you, but it can absolutely be done. The chef will either make a meal in his or her restaurant or cook for the couple right in their home an unforgettable experience for the couple as passionate about food as they are each other.

High-Quality Knives

An excellent knife can make or break a meal. If youve ever struggled with a dull knife, you understand. Look for a set that includes a serrated knife, a chefs knife, and a paring knife. Be sure each item has a solid handle, easy-to-maneuver blade, and good balance. Scoop up a high-quality set and the couple will love you forever.

Hands-On Classes

For the couple willing to get their hands dirty, classes make superb gifts. Opt for niche events tailor-made to their interests. From mixology workshops to sushi making classes to the basics of French cooking, there is a class for every couple. There are even classes devoted to all things bacon, so start hunting.

Quirky Kitchen Tools

Searching for the perfect gift for a couple of food lovers who seem to have everything already? Create a basket of quirky kitchen items. From pie birds to an indoor herb garden to melon cutters, the couple will have a blast putting these things to use. Though unconventional, they're certain to create lasting memories.

Food-of-the-Month Club

Dont underestimate the excitement of a monthly food membership, which is available for cheese, wine, spirits, chocolate, and fruit, among other things. Easy to coordinate, itll be a hit with adventurous eaters who are eager to expand their palates. Sign the couple up, and they will receive a something new to taste each month an excellent way to enjoy their first year of marriage.