Top Terroir: Matthew Mather's Producer Picks

Matthew Mather, sommelier at Frasca Food & Wine, shares his current favorite producer.
White wine
Maryse Chevriere

White wine

On Top Terroir we ask a different wine expert who his or her favorite wine producers currently are. We can’t promise they’ll be in your local wine store, but we will tell you where to look for them online. In this installment, sommelier Matthew Mather of Frasca Food & Wine in Denver shares his pick:


Producer: Bastianich Winery

Location: Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy

Why? Their Vespa Bianco is a blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Picolit which is aged in wood. It's a rich, aromatic textural white from the town of Buttrio in the Collio Orientali del Friuli. It works wonderfully with fall flavors.


Editor's Note: The Bastianich Winery website notes that the Vespa Bianco pairs well with "roasted turkey, duck and pork. Shellfish, especially lobster and scallops. Mushroom-based dishes, like risotto. Elegant cheese-dressed pastas." Below are a few great recipe suggestions:

Ginger-Sumac Roasted Turkey Breast

Anita Lo's Duck Breast with Five Spice and Grapes

George Mendes' Maine Lobster "Sauda"

Wild Mushroom Soup with Chives

Spiaggia's Crescenza Ravioli with Parmigiano-Reggiano and Truffle Butter Sauce