Top Skate Parks In Denver

Top Skate Parks In Denver

Denver Skate ParkDenver Skate Park (credit: CBS)

If you are a skater or skateboarder, then you know how tough it can be to find places to practice your sport without getting yelled at. This is where a designated skate park can be your best friend. You can head out any time you like to try your hand at the many bowls, ramps, rails and other features while checking out some of the other incredible skaters do their thing. It’s a great place to meet people who enjoy the same sports you enjoy, or just to sit and watch some truly impressive skating skill. If you don’t know where all of the skate parks are in the Denver area, here are five that are all worthy of checking out.

Denver Skate Park
2205 19th St
Denver, CO 80202

This large skate park is located right in the heart of the Downtown/Highlands area. You’ll find several rails, ramps and bowls that are perfect for riders of all abilities, and lots of skaters here showing off their stuff. It can be pretty slick so newer riders will need to be careful and always wear protective gear when you ride. If you want to check out the park with your family, it’s best to arrive early on Saturday or Sunday mornings. Once it gets a little later, usually about one or two in the afternoon, then all of the regulars show up and it can get a bit loud and crowded. But if you are learning to ride, or just want to check out some of the next future stars, this is a great place to visit.

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Elyria Johnson Park
Race Street at 48th Ave
Denver, CO 80216

Located near the Globeville neighborhood in Denver, Elyria Johnson Park is a small spot with a few ramps and rails to ride. It’s one of the smaller skate parks around with no frills and just a couple of ramps. However, it’s usually much quieter than the bigger skate parks in town, so you can get in and try your hand on the ramps without waiting in line as often. The concrete here is also fairly slick, so bring all of the important protective gear and make sure to ride safely. This park is open for skateboarders, bikers and everyone else who loves to jump around on wheels.

Green Valley Ranch Skatepark
51st Ave and Argonne St
Denver, CO 80249

The Green Valley Ranch neighborhood in Denver is one of the fastest growing suburbs in the area which means that it needed a home for the many skateboarders in the area to enjoy. The Green Valley Ranch Skatepark was built to offer a safe environment for all of the kids in the neighborhood to ride. There are lots of bowls and ramps of various heights, offering areas for skaters of all abilities. Plus you’ll find lots of rails, stairs and other things that you will love testing your skills out on. If you live out in the quiet suburb of Green Valley Ranch, then this is the perfect place to visit on a sunny afternoon.

Stapleton Greenway Park
8180 E 26th Ave
Denver, CO 80207
(720) 913-1311

This busy park is always a popular spot for walkers, runners, dog-walkers and more. There is a community garden and a dog park in addition to the skate park. The skate park is actually on the small side, with just one large bowl and a few smaller obstacles to ride. The bowl hits about four and a half feet deep at the deepest part, which makes it a pretty good bowl for beginners, or anyone that doesn’t want to compete with the professionals. Since this park is on the small side, you’ll also find that it’s pretty quiet, so you won’t have the long lines that you do at the Denver Skate Park.

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Aurora Skate Park
2500 S. Wheel Park Circle
Aurora, CO 80013

The Aurora Skate Park is a fairly good-sized park with several bowls, ledges, rails and pads for skaters of all abilities. If you head there on the weekends, however, you’ll quickly notice how close all of the bowls are, making a larger park feel very small. So avoid all of the congestion and visit on a weekday morning, or on weekends before noon. This park is for skaters only, as bicycles are not allowed here, which does help when it gets more crowded.

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