Top Rated Wines For Gifting

When choosing a wine as a gift, there are many considerations that one can take into account.

Is the region famous enough? Did it have a great vintage?

Is the producer well known for producing great wine? Will people realize how much I spend when they see the name?

Does the package look fancy and expensive?

Another option is to simply to buy wines that over-perform. Wines that will make their recipients stop to look at the label when they taste the wine. Wines that make people say, "Wow that's really good."

That's the tact I take when choosing wine gifts, and this list brings together some of my favorite wines for gifting today. These are wines that one can drink now or cellar, so you don't have to worry when they'll get opened. You'll just have to be comfortable in knowing that when the corks are finally popped, you're going to make some people very, very happy!

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— Gregory Dal Piaz, Snooth