Top Haunted Houses In Las Vegas

Nothing gives you more of a Halloween thrill than a good haunted house. Las Vegas is home to the best of the best where these scary attractions are concerned – with some places being a Halloween tradition and others emerging as relative new-comers to the scene. All are fun for the thrill-seeker and horror lover, but these are not for children! Beware, be scared and enjoy every minute of these top haunted houses.
Meadows Mall
4300 Meadows Ln
Las Vegas, NV 89107
(702) 636-9515

R&J Productions has announced that Asylum & Hotel Fear are set to return to the Meadows Mall this October. They will be side-by-side in the Special Events area at the northwest corner of the mall, fenced in so access is easier and mall shoppers won't interfere with the attraction. Changes are being made and a room thought gone for good has appeared once more, even scarier than in the past.

Rick and Jan Strelak (R&J) first started haunting their yard for Halloween, and moved into making fright fests a business after urging from fans and friends. A bit of research showed that current haunted houses had no underlying themes to tie the rooms together, and most sites lacked detail and originality. R&J wanted to truly scare folks, to show that their houses were the best and the most frightening because they look and seem real. People had to buy into the concept by immersion within an atmosphere, and these creative folks found the trailer-style haunt to be the best concept.

They came up with an insane Asylum where folks visiting were pulled into the reality of the production, as in a 'living movie' where guests can become part of the story. This is what makes this attraction so terrifying. As it is explained in the blog, "...the Asylum is just that, an institution that seems to have been taken over by the patients. You experience an admitting area, nurse's station, patients' rooms, morgue, therapy room, etc., even rooms where things should not have happened!"

Hotel Fear is their attempt to create a new attraction that blends with the original experience in a cohesive storyline. As the tale goes, the Vanders (a family of doctors at Meadview Asylum) and the Feorays (who own the Hotel Feoray) are forever linked because of a tragic mass murder perpetrated at the hotel by Mortomer Feoray, a supposedly "cured" inmate at the Asylum, hence the moniker, Hotel Fear. The hotel is complete with a lobby, check-in, parlor, dining room, bar and guest rooms, but there are also numerous secret passages and dark places that lie within. The "White Room" is the optimal experience that makes you wonder if you will ever escape.

Definitely for adults, the attractions run from October 3, 2014 to November 1, 2014.

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Freakling Brothers The Trilogy of Terror
4245 S. Grand Canyon Dr.
Las Vegas, NV 89147
(702) 362-3327

The Trilogy of Terror has been touted as one of the top four best adult haunted attractions in the world. Circus of Horrors, The Gates of Hell (rated "R') and Castle Vampyre provide three distinctly different experiences for thrill-seekers.

Circus of Horrors is home to the bizarre: freaks, human oddities and "grotesque monstrosities captured in the darkest recesses of Eastern Europe" who have been brought to Las Vegas against their will to entertain and amaze you. It's a terrifying modern look at the old-fashioned freak show, only here you can get up close and (sometimes) too personal. Beware, this attraction is not for children!

The Gates of Hell was the first R-rated Haunted Attraction in Las Vegas. Here, you can die again and again, as you face the terror of your own demise in a sadistic experiment in "sensory overload." Finally, you descend to the bowels of absolute darkness to face the Prince of Darkness in the ultimate showdown. This is true interactive horror at its finest, to only be experienced by the ultimate horror fanatic.

Castle Vampyre is a twisted mind-game, where you can sense the darkness of ultimate evil as you fight to escape the castle. You question your own sanity as you struggle to find the way out. Is it real, or is it only your imagination? Only time will tell....

Freakling Brothers runs from October 3, 2014 to November 1, 2014.

Bonnie Screams
16935 Bonnie Springs Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89004
(702) 875-4400

Situated just half an hour from the Las Vegas Strip, you will find Bonnie Springs Ranch, where Urban Legends were born (and still live in the afterlife). Bonnie Screams is home to travelers who died in the harsh desert while attempting the trek along the Spanish Trail to the west coast. Each person attempting to reach out to the spirits passes through "three new forbidding haunts," winding throughout the town, plus one extra feature that's guaranteed to chill and thrill.

The Psych Ward is home to a deceiving character who charmed his way into the lives of many town-dwellers. His victims all received a deadly dose of a lethal injection. Now residing in an insane asylum, he carries on his killing spree by brainwashing inmates and workers into lurking behind closed doors. There is no escape as the demonic crew descends into madness to trap unwary prey. Beware, only one has escaped to tell the tale. Enter at your own risk.

Circus of Chaos houses the evil within the clowns who have created this wicked circus. Screams pierce the air as those walking into the home of these lost souls disappear....forever. Demonic clowns wait around dark corners, hoping to slay their unsuspecting victims. Will you be the first to escape?

Blackwoods Massacre is home to the unfortunate evil souls who lurk in the shadow in pigface masks, with chainsaws and shotguns in hand, to strike when you least expect it. Don't get lost and take the wrong trail, or you may fall prey to one of their traps, allowing them to attack you in darkness of the trees! No one escapes the Blackwoods Massacre and lives to tell their tale of horror.

The Haunted Forest is the scene for a story that takes place several years ago, in which an innocent young man was accused of a heinous crime by crazed townfolk residing nearby. Despite his best efforts to dress as a scarecrow to escape the evil horde, they found him, tied him to a stake and burned him alive. Now his soul has returned to eke out his revenge, still in his garb of straw and cloth, to get you when you unsuspectedly turn a corner, or face a cluster of scarecrows in the path ahead of you. Beware of the scarecrow, my friends: sometimes you get more than you bargained for!

Bonnie Screams runs from October 9-31, 2014.

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