Top Food News of 2012

Let’s review the entire year in food news, shall we?
Food News
The Daily Meal

Foie gras, Paula Deen, and pink slime all made headlines in 2012.

We’re so over 2012; with the food dramas, the foie gras ban, pink slime, and the rest, we can only hope 2013 will be a little bit better. After all the contradictory stories about the benefits of milk, the outrage over a soda ban (really, guys?), and the freak-out over a possible apocalypse, 2012 is sort of over. But we still have a week left, so we might as well reminisce a little bit.

So, to refresh your memory, here are The Daily Meal’s picks for the top 10 food news stories of the year. We lost some slimy meat, some stale, yellow Twinkies, and some respect for Paula Deen and Chick-fil-A along the way, while the Farm Bill came up for discussion, Obamacare scared some restaurateurs, and Charlie Trotter closed his historic restaurant (and auctioned everything off). Click through our slideshow to recap the biggest news from 2012, and prepare to ring in 2013.