At 'Top Chef Texas' Reunion, Fan Favorite Revealed

Staff Writer
Plus, did Sarah tell Emeril Lagassed to 'f*** off'?

More drama (if possible) unfolded last night during the Top Chef Texas reunion, as they revealed who won fan favorite, and who did some terrible things backstage.

Apparently the biggest gossip last night was what contestant Sarah Grueneberg said to Emeril Lagasse after Paul Qui won the show (and if you didn't know Qui won, well, you've been living under a rock).

A production assistant reportedly heard Grueneberg tell Lagasse to "f*ck off," and last night she claimed she didn't "believe" she said that, saying I think it’s really s—-y that it’s being brought up now." She also apologized to Emeril.

As for fan favorite, (spoiler alert) Chris "Malibu" Crary won, so Crary will join the likes of Fabio (swoon) and Carla Hall.