'Top Chef Masters' Gets Dita Von Teese, Missy Robbins

The new season of 'Top Chef Masters' kicks off July 25

Missy Robbins to Compete on 'Top Chef Masters''

Season four of Top Chef Masters starts July 25 on Bravo, and surprise, Curtis Stone and Ruth Reichl are back.

Then again, there are some new faces in store, including Dita Von Teese as a guest judge, and Missy Robbins joining the competitors' cast.

Judges will include Curtis Stone, Ruth Reichl, James Oseland, Francis Lam, and Krista Simmons.

Chefs include Chris Cosentino, Missy Robbins, Art Smith (of Lady Gaga fame), Takashi Yagihashi, and Patricia Yeo, among others.

Meanwhile, guest judges will include Sugar Ray Leonard, the Indigo Girls (still going strong), Dita Von Teese, and other bands, former Olympians, and Vegas performers.

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