Top Chef Kitchen Launching In New York

In addition to that Top Chef Cruise setting sail next year (which we're still, ahem, hoping to get on), Top Chef is also lending their name to a pop-up restaurant in New York City.

Starting Oct. 16 for five weeks, 211 West Broadway in New York will be home to Top Chef Kitchen, a restaurant in collaboration with Distilled NY. Each week, two cheftestants from Top Chef will create menus that customers can pick and choose from. On the docket: Edward Lee and Mike Isabella for the first week; Tiffany Derry and Paul Qui for the second; Tiffani Faison and Jennifer Carroll for the third; Richard Blais and Grayson Schmitz for the fourth; and Antonia Lofaso and Fabio Viviani for the final week.

Diners can reportedly choose a four-course prix fixe menu, with ($125) or without ($95) wine pairings, or shell out a bit more for an eight-course tasting menu with wine pairings at the Chef's Table.

"With Top Chef Kitchen we're giving our highly passionate fans the ultimate foodie experience," Ellen Stone, senior vice president of marketing for Bravo, said in a press release. "Fans can meet a range of our talented chef'testants and taste for themselves what it's like to participate in a Top Chef dinner that, until now, they've only seen on TV." Check out the menus over onĀ Top Chef Kitchen's website.