The Top Airport Restaurants in the U.S.

These fab culinary stops make flight delays just a little more bearable.

Airport food is notoriously bad; here are some restaurants that break the mold

After a long flight and fairly poignant TSA pat down, it's easy to feel parched, starved and maybe even a slight bit ashamed. Yet before you rush into the city to satisfy a hunger not tackled by a wilted bag of peanuts, keep in mind that our country's airports have improved leaps and bounds when it comes to quality cuisine.

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From space ships to BBQ pits to culinary concepts from prized chefs and cookbook authors, airport terminals are no longer dens of broken dreams. No. Some have proven to be apt places to meet other travelers for drinks and stylish settings to swap stories about frequent flier mileage conquests. What we’re saying is, no longer does the airline red carpet club rule the day.

As you prepare for your next vacation or business trip, check out this gastronomic guide to the nation’s top airport restaurants. It may save you from downing yet another cold, Saran-wrapped sandwich the airlines call dinner.

— Gregg Rosenzweig, YP


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