Top 8 2010 Burgundies

Pinot noirs delivering Burgundy's finest terroir expression

2010 burgundies are hitting the shelves, or in some cases due to the marriage of limited quantities and high ratings, are slipping through the retail channels without ever having seen a shelf. Yes, this is the perfect storm: a great vintage, lower than average yields, and a newly found appreciation of burgundy in emerging markets, making value in burgundy more relative than ever.

Still, this is a smashingly good vintage, and there are wines that punch way above their pay grade even today, though I expect these real values will be going the way of the dodo before long. Burgundy has never been cheap of course, but you can still find exceptional, age-worthy examples for less than $40 a bottle, making them top values in my book. Here are eight examples from a recent blind tasting. Does paying more always make sense? I don’t think so.

These wines were tasted in two flights of four with the scoring reflecting our results for each flight.

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— Gregory Del Piaz, Snooth