The Top 50 US Bed-And-Breakfasts For Food

Across the country, bed-and-breakfasts can take many forms, but the one thing that really makes for an amazing experience is the food that is being served. At the center of a B&B is the idea of a heart- and belly-warming breakfast to start the day off right.

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From quiet and intimate B&Bs overlooking wine country, such as the Farmhouse Inn in Sonoma, Calif., to a culinary travel experience at Inn at the Park in Cape May, N.J., B&Bs run the gamut from tranquil trips to exciting getaways.

As "breakfast" is half the B&B experience, cuisine is one very important way for an innkeeper to demonstrate a warm and stable atmosphere. Many B&Bs are stepping up their game with award-winning chefs who serve seasonal cuisine, like chef Blaine Wetzel from Willows Inn in Washington state, who often creates spectacular egg dishes sourced from the inn's own Nettles Farm on the property. And others are creating eco-friendly environments for guests, like the Lookout Point Lakeside Inn, situated in the Ouachita Mountains. Still more, like Mercersburg Inn in Pennsylvania, are even offering culinary classes. The hotel has partnered with L' Academie de Cuisine of Bethesda, Md., to add another layer to its culinary experience.

The Daily Meal's list of the best B&Bs for food was compiled by looking at the country's highest-ranked B&Bs through customer reviews, the quality and freshness of the food being served, the amenities provided and the overall atmosphere, as well as the level of comfort that guests enjoy during their stay. Be sure and check out the ranking listed in our slideshow when booking your next trip.

Additional reporting provided by Rani Long.