Top 5 NYC Valentine’s Day Food Dates

5 last-minute Valentine's Day destinations


This is the list for guys to step up the game and really impress their ladies. Below are our top five epic guy moves for 2013 Valentine’s Day dates. Whether your married, in a “long term” or just starting to court, here are five experiences that will make you legend in the “girl” circles regardless of how the relationship turns out.

#5 Burger tour of NYC

Hamburgers have a cult following these days. You can do this date in almost any major city in the US. For this one we picked NYC. Start at BLT burger around 11:45am. Get a Steakhouse burger. A custom blend of 30-Day dry aged prime beef (Brisket, Shortribs, Sirloin) topped with caramelized onions. Split in in half the same as you’ll do for the rest of your stops. Next, at 1pm, visit The Brindle Room for their famous burger. Again, split it. Third and final stop is Peter Lugar’s. Make a reservation otherwise you’ll be standing at the bar drinking overpriced watered down rum and cokes praying a table opens up. Make sure it’s before 3pm otherwise the burger is not on the menu. Once seated order a burger medium rare. Do not get bacon. Do not get creamed spinach. Focus on the burger and what is to come next. After the burger retire to your place and breakout dessert, a custom made fondant masterpiece burger perched on top of the delicious mini cake you bought from Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken. For the fondant cake you’ll have to do some digging. Start with Buddy but chances are he is too busy or out of your price range.  If he can’t point you in the right direction send us a note. We got a guy.

#4 High Tea

Who doesn’t like tea in the afternoon? Prepare an evening that starts in the afternoon with high tea at The St. Regis. If you’re lucky enough to live in Houston or New York, you can. After tea make sure you continue the British thang. Find a gastro pub serving English specialties, have some homemade shepard’s pie or take your lady to a British live show. Unfortunatelly Joss Stone isn’t touring NY or Houston but you can get creative. I have faith.

#3 Cupcake Tasting

Sweets will get right to your ladies heart. You know this already but for some reason you need us to say this again. Our city of choice for this date would be LA because of  Sprinkles, the queen of the cupcake movement. Spend the day picking up some cupcakes from SprinklesMagnolia Bakery,Big Man Bakes and  Frosted Cupcakery. Then present them in a blind tasting revealing each cake shop at the end of your very sensual and mysterious tasting session. Skip dinner and capitalize on that sugar high.

#2 Lingerie Mystery

Break down and spend the money at Agent Provocateur. Pick out something she would like. Try and think like a grl here not like the dumb, testosterone filled, jerk you probably become when thinking about sexy underwear. Our advice, enlist the help of the saleswoman and follow her advice strictly. Have it wrapped up nice because you can’t make a gift look pretty to save your life. Make an excuse to leave early Valentine’s Day morning and leave the gift box in an obvious place for her to find before she leaves the house. Leave a card that instructs her when to meet you at Henri (For high end, white glove French cuisine) or The Publican (super tasty, sexy cool). Instruct her to pick the outfit and shoes that match what’s in your gift box. From there, start the text message foreplay early.  When she arrives at the restaurant make sure you’re already at the table with her favorite drink waiting. Let the maitre d in on the plan so her arrival is as smooth as the silk stockings she’s wearing. As dinner winds down, excuse yourself to the restroom, pay the bill without her knowing (or seeing it) and order an Uber Cab before returning to the table. Seamlessly slip out of the restaurant and back to your apartment for a night cap. I think you can take it from there.

#1 Soak and Sleep


Start at the AIRE ancient baths. Inspired by the Roman, Greek and Ottoman empires, this experience is like a time machine back to ancient, underground New York. Go for the Valentine’s Day special a $110/per person experience that allows for full exploration of the AIRE amenities. Retire to your pre-booked and already check-in hotel room at the Tribeca Grand where you feast on a gourmet in room dinner complete with champagne and strawberry dessert.