Top 5 Most Bizarre Places to Find Booze

In a pinch? These weird places serve beer, wine and liquor where you least expect it

Score a cocktail at a hair salon, some booze at a hospital, or at these other strange places to get your hands on a drink.

Sure, you hit your neighborhood bar for a cocktail or a nearby wine shop to purchase some vino — but who knew you could fill up your gas tank and a growler of craft beer at the same time in South Carolina, score an alcoholic beverage at a hair salon in Chicago, or have a glass of wine in a hospital near you?

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If you think these seem like strange — perhaps even borderline illegal — places to score a drink, think again. State liquor laws are notoriously, even comically, complex. In Georgia, for example, public drunkenness could get you arrested, but drinking in public is perfectly legal (here’s where it pays to know your personal limit). In Arizona, where oxymoronically, drive-thru liquor stores are commonplace but a near zero-tolerance for drunk driving is the norm, the "Impaired to the Slightest Degree" law in Arizona helps convict a driver even if her or his blood alcohol level is less than .08 percent. (Other, more obscure laws abound — it’s illegal to ride a horse while intoxicated in Colorado, and don’t even think about possessing a sexy wine bottle in Alabama (whatever that means), wine labels cannot be "immodest or sensuous." )

So what do all these labyrinthine laws add up to? Ultimately, strange liquor regulations don’t seem to prevent smart spirits lovers from sourcing the sauce. From drug stores to fast-food joints, hospitals to hair salons, there are still plenty of places to grab a drink if a liquor store is out of reach. We’ve researched the top five most bizarre places to find booze — and the findings may surprise you.