Top 5 Apple Pies In The Netherlands

We consider ourselves lucky when we get to taste a country's authentic dishes by traveling there ourselves. And if we're even more fortunate, we can expand our horizons beyond the big capitals to explore the regions where many of a given country's culinary traditions originate. Is there a more ideal situation than tasting local cuisine from the source?

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The Netherlands is home to all kinds of culinary delights, from cheese to pancakes to beer, but one of the sweetest and tastiest around is Dutch apple pie. Whether served à la mode, with a slice of cheese on top, or warm right out of the oven, apple pie is irresistible the world over. The Dutch have been perfecting this sweet treat for centuries, so what better place to indulge your sweet tooth than with a culinary tour of the Netherlands? 

We've teamed up with Triposo to give you a list of the top places in the Netherlands for authentic Dutch apple pie. Triposo is a travel app that lists locations around the world based on the number of positive mentions across social review sites. With their data, we were able to create a list of the top-reviewed locations for this all-time favorite dessert. 

Click through our slideshow to see the top five spots to find apple pie in the Netherlands, from crumble-topped to slices served with whipped cream, and always filled with sweet chunks of apple.