Top 10 Sparkling Rosés for New Year's Eve

Step out of the box with some sparkling rosés for the holidays
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Sparkling roses for the holidays.

When people think of sparkling wine they tend to think of the white varieties, which of course are delicious and festive. However, when I think of the holidays and sparkling wines, my mind instantly goes to rosés. The addition of a bright hue that can range from summery copper to a salmon pink, and even an assertive red just adds something more distinctive to the equation. And then of course there are the added flavors.

Sparkling rosés tend to share certain elements with their white brethren; citrusy notes, yeast, toast, perhaps a touch of caramel, but at their best they add in layers of red berried fruit. This not only makes for a wine that is certainly out of the ordinary, and something special, but also makes for a wine that more often than not is better suited to pairing with the cold weather nibbles we so often pair sparkling wine with during the holidays. I’m not talking about caviar and salmon, but rather pate, cheese and in particular, the cured meats that adorn so many party platters.

So break out of the sparkling wine box this year and try a rosé on for size.

Click here for 10 rosés for New Year's Eve. 

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Gregory Del Piaz, Snooth