Top 10 Pub Snacks In London

All eyes are on London right now, and all hearts and minds enthralled by Olympian feats and inspiring stories. But what about our stomachs? Some of us think about food even while admiring others' extraordinary athleticism, and this time we're daydreaming about food in London.

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With incredible ethnic diversity, world-class chefs, and wonderful season-driven markets, London is a terrific food town. Given the regional pride that inevitably surfaces during the Olympics, we're most interested in the foods that are quintessentially London, entwined with the culture and history of the city. Of course, environs play a part in what makes these foods special, and nowhere feels more London than a pub.

The city's amazing pub culture is best evidenced by the massive crowds, pint in hand, that spill outside any pub's door at 5 p.m. sharp every weekday (in nice weather). But nowadays, even the food is good in many of these pubs — and we don't mean the microwaved meat pies of the past. We're talking sausage rolls laced with sage, leafy fish-finger sandwiches, and delicate potted smoked mackerel.

The sheer number of pub options in London can be overwhelming, but fear not: use our list to track down exactly where to find the top 10 pub snacks, whether you're in London during the Games or after.

Laura Siciliano-Rosen is the co-founder of Eat Your World, a website that spotlights regional foods and drinks around the globe. Follow Eat Your World on Twitter @eat_your_world.

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