Top 10 Places To Eat In Paris On A Student's Budget

Given the allure of its world class univiersities, a vibrant arts culture, and a legendary restaurant scene, Paris is easily one of the most popular study abroad locations for students around the world. With exchange rates and quotidian expenses though, staying in the city can quickly add up. However, living (and especially eating) in Paris doesn't have to be expensive, especially if you know where to look.

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Whether you want classic French bistro food or something more exotic and on-the-go, this list has suggestions of inexpensive dining options. You won't have to sacrifice delicious food to cater to your smaller budget. So feel free to save a few pennies on food and go shopping on the Rue du Commerce!

In this guide, we used a euro symbol (€) to indicate price. One symbol indicates meals below 10 euros, and two symbols indicate meals between 10 and 30 euros.

And remember, don't tip in Paris; it's factored into the prices of the menu items (this makes items seem a bit more expensive when doing exact euro-to-dollar conversions)!