Tomato Juice Tastes Better On Airplanes And Other Fun Facts

Ever been sitting on an airplane and thought, "A glass of tomato juice would really hit the spot right now"? You're not alone. A recent study sponsored by Lufthansa Airlines to help improve food and drink menus found that 27 percent of 1,000 passengers on the flight they studied ordered tomato juice; a far bigger proportion than one would expect in everyday, non-airplane situations. And in fact 23 out of the 27 who ordered it said the wouldn't drink tomato juice at ground level.

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What would seem on the surface like a freak phenomenon has a perfectly logical explanation. See slideshow for the fascinating details.

The Internet, usually overabundant with all things time-wasting, is surprisingly bare of fun drink facts. And the ones we could dig up were pretty inaccurate. For example, a few different sites will assure you that cenosillicaphobia, or fear of an empty glass, is a real, documented fear. While we certainly sympathize with that fear, we couldn't find any actual evidence that this was a recognized psychological condition.   Another drinking "fact" that you shouldn't go spouting off at parties is the one that says a toast, or ritual clinking of glasses, was first practiced as a way of sloshing wine into the other guy's cup; a sort of goodwill gesture whereby both parties could be sure their glasses weren't poisoned. While that certainly sounds cool in a Game of Thrones sort of way, logically those glasses would have to be pretty full to intermix by the simple touching of cups. Not to mention the fact that "clinking" glasses is a fairly new addition to toasting, which used to be part of a communal drinking experience.

But don't worry; you can trust us. All the drink facts listed in our slideshow are bona fide and sure to help get the conversation going at your next cocktail party. Just don't accuse your host of trying to poison you during the toast. Read on do learn that tomato juice tastes better on airplanes and other fun facts!