Tom Colicchio Opening Hamptons Restaurant in 1842 Mansion

The 'Top Chef' judge is opening his new restaurant this Sunday

Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio may be gearing up for a paid vacation on a cruise next year, but it looks like the chef is also heading to the Hamptons (even though it's past season, bro).

Colicchio is opening Topping Rose House in Bridgehampton this Sunday, which is reportedly set in a "meticulously restored 1842 Greek revival mansion," Newsday reports.

The plus side? "It's so great being here in the middle of the farms," Colicchio told them. The downside? The ever-changing influx of traffic.

Nevertheless, the menu reportedly focuses more on vegetables, listing the vegetables before the proteins. Expect roasted peppers and eggplant with grilled lamb loins, plus sugar snap peas, truffles, and striped bass, with a smaller cut of meat than you may be expecting. "We'll serve about 5 ounces of meat. People are moving in that direction," he said. "I know I am."