Restaurant Tops Ramen With Big Chunk of Pork Fat

Japanese restaurant stretches the definition of ‘ramen’ with meat-filled bowls

Somewhere there are noodles in this bowl.

Ramen is popular around the world, but it can be hard for a restaurant to set itself apart when most ramen kind of looks the same. But one Tokyo restaurant has figured out a way to make a name for itself by embellishing its ramen with wildly generous amounts of meat, including one dish that’s topped with a chunk of pork fat the size of a person’s fist.

The pork fat ramen is clearly something that needed to be shared with the world, so Twitter user Seiyuu Tenhou posted a photo of a bowl so loaded with meat and vegetables that the ramen noodles are not even visible. The bowl appears to just be full of a pile of pork, a few vegetables, and a gigantic hunk of pork fat sitting on top like the cherry on a meat sundae.

The photo has been favorited more than 2,600 times and has more than 6,200 retweets. The first comment on the photo says what we’re all thinking: “How do you eat it?”

Another good question might be, “Why would you eat it?”


According to Rocket News 24, the fatty bowl is actually a dish from Ramen Jiro, a ramen restaurant chain renowned for its absurdly huge portions and the comical amount of meat and vegetables in each bowl. If Seiyuu Tenhou's photo is anything to go by, the restaurant’s reputation is well-deserved.