Tofu Coming to Chipotle

The burrito chain will be testing 'Sofritas' in San Francisco area
WIkimedia Commons/ tacvbo


Carnitas, barbacoa… tofu?

There’s a new player in town when it comes to protein options at Chipotle, according to the Associated Press, and it starts with a "t" and ends in "fu."

Yes, that Japanese soy-based meat substitute that’s the source of equal parts admiration and derision the world over will soon be hitting the menus at San Francisco-area Chipotles and it’s going by the name "Sofritas." It’ll be braised with roasted tomatoes, chipotle sauce, and poblano peppers, and served as an alternative to the usual options of carnitas, barbacoa, steak, and chicken.

If it gets good feedback, the option will soon be available at a Chipotle near you.

But while it might seem like a way to get more vegetarians through the door (and most likely will), the move is more of a response to rising beef and dairy prices due to a drought in the Midwest. In fact, Chipotle chief financial officer John Hartung said that prices for all its offerings will most likely be increased this year because of it.

Chipotle is also famous for its focused menu, but its limited offerings are facing competition from bigger chains like Taco Bell, which last year introduced some premium items to its menu in a clear move for Chipotle’s market share.


It remains to be seen whether a price increase and tofu can help boost their bottom line, but something tells us that Chipotle won’t be going anywhere for a while.