Todd Selby to Publish 'Edible Selby' Book

He'll be featuring René Redzepi, Susumu Kainuma, and Eric Werner, among others

Edible Selby Web Site

Todd Selby of photogasm web site The Selby is finally releasing a book documenting his "Edible Selby" series.

The photographer, who also has a home design photography book The Selby Is in Your Place, told Eater that it won't be a cookbook.

"The recipes are different, it's not a cookbook, they're kind of recipes that chefs give to each other in their handwriting... My friends who are chefs, when they look at recipes, they just look at ingredients and follow along and go from there in their heads. They're more inspirational than instructional," he said.

Selby has documented Mathias Dahlgren in Sweden, Four and Twenty Blackbirds for The New York Times' T Magazine, and Noma's René Redzepi. The Edible Selby book will reportedly have more than 40 shoots around the world in the book, with plenty of new, unpublished material.

And as for his shift towards food? "I never grew up being a design- or architecture-obsessed person, but I was always super obsessed with food. It's always been my thing," he said. Head over to Eater for the full interview. Edible Selby will reportedly be released in October by Abrams.