Todd English’s Ҫa Va Brasserie Launches Secret Honey Menu

Todd English’s modern French restaurant has a new honey-based secret menu

Honey almond madeleines

Chef, restaurateur, and four-time James Beard Award winner Todd English opened Ça Va Brasserie  inside the Theater District's Intercontinental Hotel in 2010 after expanding his renowned Massachusetts restaurant, Olives, to New York and Las Vegas. Now, three years later, English is turning somewhere quite unconventional for his latest Ça Va inspiration – the rooftop beehive.

On top of the roof of the hotel, there's a beehive stocked with thousands of Central Park honeybees used to make fresh honey for Ça Va’s new “secret” menu, which launched Wednesday. The off-the-record menu, appropriately titled “Bee Hungry,” includes a varying lineup of honey-infused courses, from appetizers to dessert. Diners can eat off of the Bee Hungry menu upon request, and each course will be the chef’s choice with the consideration of allergies and dislikes.  

We were lucky enough to get a sneak preview of some honey-inspired dishes that could be available on the menu in the future, and they were definitely worth buzzing about (sorry for the bad pun). To start was a salad with a variety of fresh herbs, edible flowers (orchid, pansy, and nasturtium), raspberries, and a honey vinaigrette; the main course was duck confit with a rich honey glaze accompanied by golden potatoes and honey-infused celery root purée; and warm honey-almond madeleines with a side of Grand Marnier dark chocolate dipping sauce were served for dessert.

Although the menu selection is ultimately up to the chef, the courses we tried serve as a good representation for what’s to come: three delectable dishes with a kick of fresh honey. The Bee Hungry menu wlll be available upon request for dinner after 7:30 p.m. 


Skyler Bouchard is a junior writer for the Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter at @skylerbouchard.