Chick-Fil-A Responds To Cashier's Racist Mistake

In another stint that put Chick-fil-A in hot water, a blogger wrote about an incident at the University of California, Irvine, where a cashier named two customers "CHING" and "CHONG" on their order receipts.

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It's important to note that the cashier, "Lia," didn't ask for their names, instead inventing these names simply because the customers were Asian.

According to the source, "I went to talk to the manager, and I told him that this cannot happen ever again. I chose to be calm about it, but I was ready to go off. I made it known that it wasn't ok, and that I didn't appreciate it whatsoever. I think I indirectly fired Lia..."

Apparently, Lia was fired. In a response to Grub Street, Chick-fil-A said that "the employee was immediately dismissed for the individual behavior."

Chick-fil-A's PR head, Jerry Johnston, said that Lia's action "does not support any claim or even suggestion of racism at our restaurant." Still, this episode can't help the already floundering reputation of the fast-food chicken chain.

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