Toby Keith Supplies Fans With 'Drinks After Work'


As part of the release of his new single, Toby Keith features a beer pong game on his site.

Toby Keith wants to buy you a drink after work … sort of.

As part of the release of the country star’s new single “Drinks After Work,” on June 25, fans can log on to his website and play virtual beer pong, according to The Boot. For those less coordinated than others, this is perfect; all it takes is a click of the space bar to send a Ping-Pong ball toward some red Solo Cups,.

“The relaxed, catchy track captures the essence of bellying up to the bar with friends after a hectic day,” according to a press release on Keith’s site. “To celebrate the June 25 digital release of his new song, Toby wants to put those libations on his tab.”

Fans who get the highest scores on the online game will receive gift cards that they can use to purchase “drinks after work” with their friends.


The song is the first single off of Keith’s still untitled new album. The singer is also on tour until October 19.