Toasty Jams

A food lover's mixtape

DJ Escoffier brings you Toasty Jams. Enjoy and stay safe.

The Daily Meal first and foremost wishes everyone safe passage through the eye of the Frankenstorm, but on the off chance that you’re landlocked today with tons of misplaced pep in your step, here’s a food-themed mixtape dreamt up by the alias of DJ Escoffier. What lies within is a playlist meant to keep things nice and toasty, the result of crate-digging (all right, mp3-digging) and a modicum of experience with audio equipment combined with a zeal for all things edible. The tracks range in genre and tempo, including artists like Master P, Elvis Presley, and even Raffi and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. If that doesn’t make you want to get up and sauté, nothing will. Now who wants to party?

(Ed. note: given the nature of the storm, partying is clearly the last thing on everyone's minds. We hope that this may provide some small amount of comfort through music. Readers are encouraged to donate to the American Red Cross.)

Bonus: Listen for audio of President Obama cooking with Bobby Flay around the 7:40 mark. Track list below:

1. Carly Simon — Hot Cakes

2. MF Doom — Gumbo

3. Master P — Mr. Ice Cream Man

4. Raffi — Apples and Bananas

5. Frank Zappa — Call Any Vegetable

6. Elvis Presley — Ito Eats

7. King Curtis — Memphis Soul Stew

8. The Simpsons Sing the Blues — Springfield Soul Stew

9. Wendy Rene — Bar-B-Q

10. Amos Milburn — French Fried Potatoes and Ketchup

11. Ernie Andrews — Pork Chops & Mustard Greens

12. George Symonette — Don’t Touch Me Tomato

13. Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf — Ice Cream Truck

14. Rupert Holmes — Lunch Hour

15. Carole King — Chicken Soup with Rice

16. Skee-Lo — The Burger Song

17. Madlib — Enter… Hot Curry

18. The Andrews Sisters — Hold Tight, Hold Tight (Want Some Seafood Mama)

19. Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf — Apple Juice Break

20. Harry Belafonte — Coconut Woman

21. Violator Feat. Cee-Lo — Sexual Chocolate

22. Y.N. RichKids — Hot Cheetos and Takis

23. Dead Prez — Be Healthy

24. Immortal Technique — Beef and Broccoli

25. Goodie Mob – Soul Food

26. People Under The Stairs – Jamboree Pt 1

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27. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson – Gimme Pizza