Toast-Worthy Cocktail Glasses

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Raise your spirits in six different languages, no international friends needed.
Cheers Wine Glasses

Cheers Wine Glasses

The next time you need to raise a glass to toast a friend or family member, think about these fun handblown glasses that are printed with the word for “cheers” in a half-dozen, international languages, including French, Spanish, German, Hebrew, and Japanese.


While I might use these glasses to raise a toast at a housewarming or engagement party, they are also casual enough to use when serving Bloody Marys at a leisurely weekend brunch. They also make a perfect hostess gift for the worldly traveler, or trilingual language enthusiast.

If you have a milestone birthday approaching, think about these glasses when planning your celebration — how fun would it be to have your friends and family raise a toast to you with hand-selected quotes and sayings in a variety of languages painted on their glasses?

Painting on glass is quite easy, and it comes off with a quick scrub with a sponge or rubbing alcohol. Before you begin, it is important to make sure that each of the glasses you are painting on is very clean and dry, or the paint will not stick.


What you need:

Acrylic paint: In the colors you wish to use.

Glasses: Make sure you have enough for all your guests, and then a couple of extra, just in case. And don’t forget to make sure your guests keep their glass until after the toast.

Paintbrushes: If you’re painting details, the smaller the brush, the better.

Paint palette: For mixing paint colors to create the shade you want, and to hold a little water to keep the brush moist and to thin the paint out, as needed.

Rubbing alcohol: To erase or remove the paint, if you mess up.



1. Start with a clean glass.

2. Lightly moisten your brush with water, but remove the excess so you don't dilute the paint (you want the paint to be thick when working on glass; also, small, detailed, dabbing designs work better than painting large areas of color).

3. Paint your design on the glass, making sure to keep the surface horizontal, in case the paint drips (it shouldn’t, if it’s thick enough).

4. If you make a mistake, clean the paint off with rubbing alcohol.

5. Let the glass completely dry, at least overnight, before using.