Toast Enoteca & Cucina: Giving San Diego a Taste of Italy

Giving San Diego a Taste of Italy

If you’re looking for classic Italian food in the San Diego area, Toast Enoteca & Cucina is the spot for you. Toast offers authentic Italian food and wine to the East Village of the city. Only two years old, and started by local chef Martin Gonzalez, Toast attracts large numbers of locals and visitors who come to truly wine and dine.

With an enormous selection of over 400 wines, when paired with great Italian food, it’s a unique dining experience. In the restaurant sits Enomatic machines that dispense samples of the world’s best wines upon purchasing “wine cards”, giving diners the opportunity to taste many expensive wines without buying whole glasses or bottles. Surrounding these wine machines is a lounge designed for guests to sit and sip their wines with other restaurant goers, adding to the restaurant’s sophisticated and modern ambiance.   

If that isn’t enough, the menu is sure to satisfy your cravings. Diners are given the option to do sampling of their choice of traditional Italian dishes, such as oven baked artichokes and cheese, Lasagna with broccoli and sausage, covered in a thick layer of Parmesan cheese and tomato sauce, or Rigatoni Alla Bolognese, with tasty desserts like Chocolate Lava cake or Gelato Alla Panna Cotta. Additionally, dessert wines are offered to top off an already delicious meal. 

This Italian gem has gained some notice from Haute Living, who commended Toast for their unique feel in downtown San Diego, as well as a feature in San Diego news, like San Diego Magazine and San Diego City Beat.

Whether you’re a true wine lover or a food lover, or both, Toast has definitely proven to deliver an unforgettable Italian dining experience for all guests.