TNT Barbeque Hut's Barbeque Pigs' Tails

While used to flavor some dishes in Barbados, and as a component in others, pigs' tails are also served by themselves as the star of their own show, or with a side of chips. And walking through Bridgetown you quickly see several streetside barbeque and grill stands featuring them this way on their menu. One place that serves pigs' tails that's a little more brick and mortar is TNT Barbeque Hut.

For BD$6 you can get yourself a barbeque pig tail, hot and slathered in sweet and spicy barbeque sauce. (For BD$17 you can get three with a side of chips.) It's incredibly gelatinous at the end, and very fatty, but the meat when you pull it off in strips, is juicy, with a little char flavor. It's like an extra fatty sparerib, just a little more difficult to get the meat from the bone.

TNT Barbeque — University Drive, Bridgetown, St Michael, Barbados