Tipsy Drinkers Leave Car at Bar, Come Back to Find a Present

The manager of the bar left a surprise gift to the people who left their car behind

Two people who took an Uber home from a bar last week were surprised to come back for their car and find a surprise waiting on their windshield.

Drinking and driving is a terrible idea, but it happens a lot, especially at out of the way bars in places without a lot of public transportation. Earlier this week a couple drinking at a Canadian bar decided they’d had too much to drive and took an Uber home. When they returned for their car, they found the manager had left them a surprise.

According to Today, Paula Schultz was expecting to get in trouble for having left her car in the parking lot of Original Joe’s in Alberta, Canada. When she went back for it, the car had been at the restaurant for two days and was covered in four inches of snow and parked right in front of the entry to the bar. She described it as a “walk of shame.”

When she arrived, there was a note on the car, and she figured she’d be getting a scolding. Instead, the note thanked her for being responsible and offered her a free pound of wings next time she came to the restaurant.


Restaurant manager Jay McLean has been handing out the safe driver rewards for a year and a half in the hopes that it will encourage more people to get rides home when they’ve had too much to drive.