Tips on Shopping at the Farmers Market Slideshow


Sweet and Tangy Concord Grapes

Store these grapes, unwashed, wrapped in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. They should last up to a week but will lose some of their plumpness and quality with time.

Fall and Winter Pears

These smooth-skinned pears are delicious raw or cooked.

Plump Pumpkins

This hallmark fall vegetable is great for both carving and eating.

Cute Quince

When buying quince, which look and taste like a cross between an apple and a pear, look for those that are firm, large and yellow with very little sign of green. If cooking, make sure to peel before using.

Grounded Root Vegetables

Round, firm root vegetables like beets can range in color from white to a deep purple color. For the holidays, look for Chioggia, or 'candy cane' beets that are composed of red- and white-colored rings.

Super-Powered Spinach

It's no surprise that Popeye the Sailor Man ate spinach to build giant muscles; this leafy green vegetable is packed with iron and vitamins A and C.

Colorful Rainbow Chard

These nutrient-packed vegetables can be simply sauteed with garlic, olive oil and dried chile flakes for a quick side dish.

Winter Squash

This winter staple is perfect for roasting with cinnamon or nutmeg, or making a rich, creamy soup.