Tips to Remember Before Hosting New Year's

Expecation confrontation: Forking Tasty tips for a Happy New Year.

Times Square

December 31st is probably not going to be the best day of your life, let alone your year. Typically, we head into the last day of each year a couple pounds heavier not just from the holiday celebrations, but with the expectation that New Year’s Eve will be the time of your life. Then, inevitably 99% of us are let down when the clock strikes 12 A.M.

I shed that extra weight years ago, after taking these five tips for a great New Year’s to heart.


Look Past the Eve and Into the Day

You are starting a fresh year, not partying before your execution. Act like you have 365 days ahead of you, not behind you (don’t go overboard).


It’s The Little Things

Pick a small moment to rally around. Your first sip of wine. An amazing view. A delicious dinner. It’s not about a gigantic culmination of everything spectacular as much as it is about the small amazing moments that happen throughout the night.


Host Your Friends

A small starter party keeps things simple, and allows for the night to evolve. Because it’s your house, you can’t be late, underdressed or disappointed with the venue. Take the little, basic things that made your year exciting and work a theme around that. Here’s a deeper peek into how I do this, in a fun and relaxing way. 


Focus On the Food

Make small plates that can be prepared ahead of time. Think mini grilled cheese sandwiches or cucumbers filled with a cream cheese dip. This un-mushy peas recipe is one of my favorites from an event I hosted this past summer that fits the bill perfectly (plus, why not serve a green dish for good luck?).


Find a Wing Man/Woman

Orchestrating the 40 person caravan to the rooftop Times Square party is half of the stress. Pick one person and spend the night with them. Regardless of what plan actually plays out you know you’ll be with that person. Assuming you picked someone you absolutely love hangin’ with, you are guaranteed a great night. I have had New Year’s Eve’s that surrounded me with A-list celebrities, crossed multiple state lines and lasted 24 hours into January. Still, one of my favorite New Year’s is the one I spent with a person who knows me as well as I know myself, in a nondescript diner in Queens.

With that, I wish you all a low expectation, tasty and happy New Year.