Tips For Choosing Your Reception Style

Photo courtesy of Anna Sawin Photography)


1. Plated Dinner or Luncheon

Photo courtesy of Summer and Boyd)


2. Buffet

Have voracious eaters or a need to please a wide range of palates? A buffet, either entirely self-service or with servers to assist, can be an excellent option. While many cuisines can be featured, it's best to have a unifying idea for the food to avoid a hodge-podge. Think gourmet comfort food, brunch staples, or classic surf-and-turf. While less staff is required for a buffet, food costs can be higher since the caterer will have to prepare extra to ensure there is always enough food. Buffets work best for weddings with fewer than 150 guests to minimize wait time and the dreaded "chow line" feeling. (Photo courtesy of DeShelia Spann Photography)


3. Family-Style

Photo courtesy of Erin Hearts Court)

4. Extended Cocktail Party

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Hybrid 1. Family-Style combined with Plated

Photos courtesy of Erin Hearts Court (right) and Karen Mordechai (left))


Hybrid 2. Plated First Course, Butlered Entrée, and Family-Style Sides

Photo courtesy of Ben Blood)

Check back in a couple of weeks for Soraya's advice on how to decide on tables and seating at your wedding.