Tips For Food Blogging

With almost 18,000 food blogs on the Web, starting your own can seem overwhelming – but who better to give you a pep-talk than people already writing? We got advice from some of the top food bloggers and asked for their tips on how to join the community.

There's no definitive way to start. Kimberly Coleman of says to "Just do it" because "the sooner you start, the sooner you'll get good at it." After taking the first step, "It's really just all about finding your own little niche," says Amy Valpone of

When writing, Alejandra Ramos of recommends that you keep your audience in mind and write for them. Good editing also makes the experience much more enjoyable for readers. "Always spell check," says Melinda Strauss of

As a newbie, it's important to network and reach out to other bloggers. "You can't expect people to come read what you have to say, if you're not reading what they're saying too," says blogger Carrie Vibert of And make sure to "Get business cards," urges Caroline Hurley of Keep some on hand to spread the word about your blog.

Now it's your turn. Watch the video above for some insider advice and visit their blogs for inspiration.