Tip Jar That Takes Credit Cards Means No More Stiffing Your Baristas

Coffee shops and to-go restaurants may start using this tip jar that takes plastic

Last week, Bon Appétit tipped us off to a new type of tip jar, one that takes credit cards. And while we imagined this was just a small prototype that was making the rounds in a couple stores, turns out it might actually become a commonplace thing. Mason jars, move aside.

NY Post reports that Oren's Daily Roast in Manhattan has put two Dip Jars in place, where customers simply dip their card to tip their barista $1. Seven more are reportedly in the works for stores around Brooklyn.

For now, Dip Jar is providing their services and the jar to companies free of charge (sans a small service fee for processing the tips). Founder Ryder Kessler noticed that at his local coffee shop, a packed house didn't necessarily mean higher wages. "As more and more people paid with credit and debit cards for small purchases, like buying a cup of coffee, tips plummeted," the site says. So hopefully, putting another $1 on your card will mean helping a barista out with some rent money. Next up, we'd like to see some tip customization, although it will probably mean longer waits in line.