'Tip Jar Bandit' Arrested In Beverly Hills

Stealing from a tip jar is a pretty nasty thing to do, but one California woman had allegedly been doing it regularly for at least a month before she was caught in Beverly Hills this week.

According to CBS, the "Tip Jar Bandit" was caught on Thursday after a customer spotted her stealing from a tip jar at Brighton Coffee in Beverly Hills. Suspect Jessica Shub had been wanted by police since approximately January 20 in connection with at least six other cases of tip jar theft in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.

Police estimate that Shub allegedly stole up to $80 from restaurant workers each time she stole from a tip jar. Police report that Shub was allegedly able to strike so many times in part because tip jar theft is considered a "low-priority misdemeanor," so it took a long time for police to acquire an arrest warrant for her. While they were waiting, she was able to strike again.  

Shub is reportedly being held on commercial burglary charges, and her bail has been set at $20,000.