Throw Your Own Dinner En Blanc

The VIP event is back — throw your own white party, if you can't get in

The Dinner En Blanc event began in Paris in 1988.

The most elegant — and hard to get into — dinner party has made its comeback: for its second year, the Dinner En Blanc will be back in New York and expanding to other U.S. cities.

Last year's Dinner En Blanc hosted 1,000 guests for a flash-mob style dinner — in white, of course. Diners who recieved the exclusive invite had to bring their own tables, chairs, food, and booze to the secret location to dine with strangers. Sounds crazy? It's a French dinner that came overseas; originally hosted by Parisien François Pasquier back in 1988, reports the New York Observer. Since then, the white dining experience has caught on internationally, and now in the U.S. New locations for the event include Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, and more.

Can't score a ticket to the Dinner En Blanc? No problem — make your own white party for you and your friends with a simple and elegant meal. Our tips:

White = classic  so don't do overkill. Why go crazy with decorations when all you need is a white linen tablecloth, white dishware, and a few extra white touches? Add a few clear vases to the mix with some white peonies, and you're set.

White foods can be delicious. Brie cheese and crackers, white cakes, even pastas with white sauces, are as simple as the party itself. And to avoid a red-wine catastrophe, stick with white wines and clear liquors, like vodka.

Get inspiration from photos from last year's New York Dinner En Blanc, and try to get your name on the list for future dinners — if you can swing a spot on the waitlist.