Throw The Perfect Vintage Soirée

Some of our favorite memories come from our childhood holidays. Whether mom's signature Christmas dish got you in the holiday spirit each year or it was gathering around the Thanksgiving table that was your favorite part of the season, there is something about nostalgia that helps us make even more amazing memories. But to get that warm, fuzzy feeling all over again, try to travel back in time for a vintage holiday party.

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Have some fun this holiday season and relive the 1950s with a fabulous vintage soirée and a spin on some of the most popular classic cocktails of the era! After all, if you are going to go vintage, you have to be as authentic as possible!  

Cooking Channel's Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark can help you become the host of the year by concocting the perfect vintage cocktail that will wow your guests and have them talking about your event for months. The mixologists and entertaining experts seem to be from another time themselves, with their vintage attire and hairstyles, and know a thing or two about "taking it back" for a good time.

Check out their tips below for throwing a memorable holiday party, as well as a special modern recipe that puts a twist on the popular fruit-centric cocktails of the '50s!

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