ThreeASFOUR RTW Spring 2014: Museum-Worthy Conceptual Design

You think you've seen everything during fashion week? There's been so much black and white you're likely sick of it already, right? Then you probably haven't seen threeASFOUR's Spring 2014 collection, because nothing beats laser-cut, 3D dresses. Trying to promote "cross-cultural unity" through their collection, the three designer powerhouse of threeASFOUR—Gabriel Asfour, Angela Donhauser and Adi Gil—all work closely together with an architect to make their designs come to life. "We were fascinated by the geometry of the different tiling systems in mosques, churches, and synagogues," Gil told Style. "They actually make a lot of sense next to each other, so we chose to mix them together—it's a way to create and express unity." This mixing of architectural elements gives the collection its distinctive layered patterns and form.