Three Luxury Hotels And Spas Offering Cleanse Packages

As if spending around $65 a day to drink a series of fruit-and-veggie-based juices wasn't exclusive enough, the cleanse craze is becoming an even more highbrow experience now that high-end urban hotels and spas are teaming up with cleanse companies to offer their own packages. And if you're lounging on high-thread count sheets in a luxe hotel while gearing up for your next spa treatment, maybe you won't notice that you haven't actually chewed anything for days.

The Surrey Hotel, New York City

This Upper East Side hotel has partnered with Gwyneth Paltrow-endorsed Organic Avenue on a three-day juice program where guests can choose from three different cleanses:

- LOVE Easy, an easier introduction to cleansing that combines juices with dishes like chia seed tapioca and sunflower falafel

- LOVE Fast, a juice-based cleanse that includes a creamy dandelion salad at the end of the day

- LOVE Deep, a more hardcore, juice-only cleanse with daily selections like the Chlorophyll Elixir.

In addition to the juices, participants can choose two 60-minute detoxifying treatments, like a facial, massage, or scrub, as well as one private yoga or Pilates class. Cost: $574 per night for a minimum of three nights.

Mandarin Oriental, New York City

As part of the hotel's intense "Ultimate 24 Hour Detox Spa Package," guests start out with a toxin-ridding three-hour Himalayan Salt, Sea and Chakra Therapy treatment, which includes a massage with heated salt crystals. After a spa bento box dinner, participants start the next day with BluePrintCleanse's Renovation Cleanse, a one-day, six-juice program that they describe as being perfect for the "absolute beginner." Cost: $1,725 per night for one night, single occupancy.

Exhale Spa at the Epic Hotel, Miami

The spa at this Kimpton hotel offers both a seven-day herbal cleanse as well as one, three, five, and six-or-more-day BluePrintCleanse programs. If you choose the three-day Mind Body Cleanse, you get three days of juices, three Mind Body Classes (grueling workout class) and a choice of a 60-minute massage, facial, or a 30-minute acu-organ detox, which is an abdominal massage. Cost: $300, hotel stay not included.