Thomas Keller, Grant Achatz Put on Play 'Sense of Urgency' for CIA

Instead of doing a normal demo, they recreated a night at The French Laundry

Well, this is kind of adorable: As part of the CIA's "Thomas Keller Day" celebrations, Keller and company showed up at the CIA to do a demo of sorts for the students. Except it wasn't quite a demo, and more of a play.

According to The Braiser, Keller and his colleagues created a set built to look like The French Laundry's kitchen, including the "Sense of Urgency" clock. They then plated a real nine-course meal, including Oysters and Pearls, and carted it away, to demonstrated how a night in one of Keller's kitchens runs.

In the playbill, which was handed out to the audience, Keller wrote that "We thought about doing a demonstration, but how many cooking demonstrations have you seen? Dozens? Hundreds? Thousands? The point is: lots."

At certain points during the play, the actors and workers would freeze, allowing a maître d’, sommelier, or supplier to deliver monologues about what they did every day. Watch a brief glimpse of the play below from the Poughkeepsie Journal, then hope that perhaps he'll go into dinner theater. Or that someone will make a movie? Honestly, we're still waiting for an elBulli-inspired dinner theater concept.

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