Dos Toros Opens a Third Location in New York City

Dos Toros finds a new sweet spot for Mission-style burritos, this one on the Upper East Side
Dos Toros Opens a Third Location in New York City
Jeanette Awai

Dos Toros opens a third location in New York CIty.

Minimalist, industrial, and cozy are words you don’t often associate with each other, but they work harmoniously at Dos Toros’ third location, their newest one at 1111 Lexington Avenue between 76th and 77th streets. The restaurant's founders, brothers Leo and Oliver Kremer, felt that, "We wanted to do something very cool with the low ceilings and big exposed beams because it defines the space." They described the new restaurant as, “pretty intimate with a nice cozy taqueria feel." In fact, if you listen to the brothers, it almost seems like there's a little taco-Goldilocks action going on: "We feel like our Union Square location is a little small, and our West Village location is a little big, and the Upper East Side location is just right.”


Carnitas quesadilla with salsa and guacamole.

The food parallels the style of the restaurant by having a clean, non-fussy aesthetic and bright, welcoming flavors. Chef Miguel Franco said the secret to Dos Toros’ Mission-style tacos, burritos, and quesadillas is “the use of organic and fresh ingredients every morning. The concept is fresh local products and amazing flavor.” He also divulged that his favorite dish on the menu are the carnitas quesadillas (pictured).


Dos Toros' founders, Leo and Oliver Kremer.

Is the Upper East Side ready for the simple, clean flavors of the Bay Area? Leo and Oliver Kremer think so. “New Yorkers are a lot more groovy than people give them credit for being, and I think they embrace us with open arms. If you bring what you do to New York and you bring it at a high level, then people respond to that.” By the look of the packed house during the opening and all the curious onlookers, it seems pretty obvious that the Upper East Side is ready to embrace Dos Toros.


The sign in Dos Toros' kitchen.

295 Park Ave S (at 23rd St)
New York, NY 10010